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SlipX Solutions

eCommerce Home Page Redesign

SlipX Solutions designs and sells a variety of anti-slip shower and bath products. Since 1962, they have sold quality bath essentials including bath mats, shower mats, and bathtub treads.

UX Design

UI Design

Art Direction

The Challenge

At the same time that SlipX Solutions was enjoying healthy product sales on Amazon, they were concerned about lower traffic on their eCommerce website. They expressed an interest in updating their home page for the health of their brand and a redesign was suggested as a strong starting point for improving first impressions.

The Solution

I redesigned SlipX Solution's home page to have a modern appeal and a stronger brand identity. I brought in SlipX Solutions' blue color palette, primary typeface, and image style to ensure an accurate expression of their brand. To create a mood of rejuvenating cleanliness , I introduced a simple white backdrop with hints of aqua and blue. Likewise, I focused on imagery that depicted the comfort and luxury that one might experience in a spa-like setting. For SlipX Solutions' navigation, I made recommendations for taxonomy improvements and ultimately consolidated their navigation into a more intuitive experience.

The Process

The home page redesign for SlipX Solutions began with a discovery phase. During this phase, heatmaps, scrollmaps, analytics, and the competition were examined. With these tools and client conversations I identified areas where SlipX Solutions could improve and areas where they were performing well.

After gaining more insight I began actively planning SlipX Solutions' home page redesign. The planning phase consisted of assessing SlipX Solutions' navigation and taxonomy, low fidelity wireframe sketches on paper, and high-fidelity wireframes built in Sketch. To ensure that my plans would meet the client's needs, I used InVision to present wireframes and gather in-depth client feedback.


With somewhat confusing and redundant main categories and subcategories, SlipX Solutions' navigation was ready for an update. I spent time getting familiar with SlipX Solutions' product taxonomy and assessed how to improve navigation for it. With SlipX Solutions' main categories and subcategories listed out, I proposed instances where categories could be edited or better arranged. My edits included simplifying, consolidating, splitting, and renaming categories.

Home Page

I wanted to include a variety of ways for users to experience SlipX Solutions' offerings and navigate to their products. With this in mind, I incorporated a variety of elements on the home page including calls to action, displays of product offerings, unique selling propositions, ways to shop, testimonials, and company guarantees. These elements, combined with a strong brand voice, leant to a successful home page experience and an improved presentation of the SlipX Solutions brand.

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