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Portland Parks Foundation


The Portland Parks Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises money and provides services to help maintain and improve the parks of Portland. Their efforts include "working with Portland communities to create more equitable access to nature, play, health, and places of connection".

Graphic Design

Art Direction

The Challenge

In putting together Parke Diem, one of the largest citywide volunteer events for Portland's parks, the Portland Parks Foundation found themselves in need of advertising materials to help get word out about the event and to further popularize their presence as a nonprofit. These materials needed to show a cohesive identity - yet the Portland Parks Foundation did not have much in the way of established style or brand standards.

The Solution

I worked closely with the Portland Parks Foundation to create a variety of advertising materials for Parke Diem. In doing this, I also helped carve out a style for the Portland Parks Foundation and further established their brand standards.

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